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The Novela family immigrated to the United States after the Cuban communist revolution, and in the 1990s, a nineteen year old Daniel Novela decided to explore his families’ Italian heritage (the name Novela originates in Italy) by spending one year of college studying art and design in Florence, Italy. His time in Florence grew his love for art, travel, Italian craftsmanship, and a life well lived. Years of travel to hot and humid locations such as Havana, Ibiza, Capri, St. Bart’s and Miami Beach identified a need; a light, but well-tailored jacket, suitable for travel without all of the excessive construction and bulk of a traditional blazer. Appropriate with jeans or slacks, the Casa de Novelas blazer provides the best of both worlds; it’s deconstructed, yet half-canvased to give the jacket structure while allowing movement and ability to breathe, keeping you cool even in hot weather. It’s a new-world take on the old-world blazer. We design men’s blazers and accessories that are beautifully, 100% Made in Italy. Not one item in your Casa de Novelas blazer or accessory originates outside of Italy. From the fabric, to the buttons, even the labels, all 100% Italian.


Casa De Novelas


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